New £4.99 Book for Couples Reveals...

How To Exit The Power Struggle & Become a Peaceful, Loving, Affectionate Couple Again

Get From Power Struggle to Peaceful Couple today and Discover How Couples on the Brink of Divorce Can Put Back On Their Wedding Rings & Create A Relationship That's Even Better Than Before

...Without Going to Conventional Couples Therapy

New £4.99 Book for Couples Reveals...

How To Exit The Power Struggle & Become a Peaceful, Loving, Affectionate Couple Again

Get From Power Struggle to Peaceful Couple today and Discover How Couples on the Brink of Divorce Can Put Back On Their Wedding Rings & Create A Relationship That's Better Than Before

...Without Going to Conventional Couples Therapy

Couples Therapist

Shan Merchant

I Help Couples On The Brink of Divorce To Exit The Power Struggle Stage & Put Back On Their Wedding Rings – By Learning One Simple Communication Method.

My name is Shan Merchant and in my book, From Power Struggle To Peaceful Couple ...

...I'd like to show you how I came back from the brink of separation with my long-term partner Jo by learning what the Power Struggle stage is, and how to get out of it by practising one simple communication method every day.

My partner and I use this method to talk about life's most contentious subjects – money, sex, parenting, *anything at all* in a calm, empathetic way. And now I share it in my book...

Discover the 15 Minute-a-Day Method that will help you tackle any subject... money, sex, parenting, anything!... with calmness and empathy, rather than with frustration and anger.

You can learn it by reading the book that's available on this page.

I can help you go from this:

  • Constant arguing, bickering or fighting

  • Criticising, nagging & picking fights

  • Withdrawing or escaping into other pursuits

  • Blaming & accusations

  • Shaming & calling names

  • Negative body language – eye-rolls, shrugs

  • Arguing over money, debt, parenting or household chores

  • Feeling like the trust has gone

  • Feeling like you have nothing in common any more

  • Spending less quality time together

  • Hardly having sex – or no sex at all

  • Cheating, either emotionally or sexually

  • Staying together for the sake of the children

  • Feeling sick of the pain and frustration this:

  • Trusting each other wholeheartedly

  • Feeling like a team again

  • Looking forward to your conversations

  • Actually wanting to spend time together

  • Sharing loving glances, smiles & warm, affectionate hugs

  • Exchanging loving words

  • Feeling supported, grounded and optimistic

  • Feeling confident, alive, energised & sexy!

  • Laughing together!

  • Going on dates

  • Making love again

  • Feeling like your relationship is a source of energy that you can count on

  • Picturing your future lives together and feeling excited!

Even if you think that your relationship is completely un-saveable right now, I can show you how I use this method to help both of you start:

  1. Turning the heat down on your communication – so you can start listening to each other non-defensively and begin to really hear what each other is saying (perhaps for the first time).

  2. Taking responsibility for your part in the relationship dynamic (in every couple in my practice it's a 50/50 responsibility*)

  3. Seeing the positive in your relationship instead of always focusing on the negative

  4. Starting to see what life is like in your partner's world through empathy

  5. Showing up for your relationship

  6. Containing your tendency to either pick fights or retreat from relationship conflict

  7. Feeling more able to be vulnerable, which helps your partner empathise and lay down their defences

  8. Building trust by hypothesising that your partner has good intent

  9. Practising these 9 Essential Skills of a Peaceful Partner consistently because you know the dynamic of your relationship is built from every single daily interaction that passes between you.

Inside From Power Struggle to Peaceful Couple, I'll share with you the exact method I use to help couples communicate in this safer, more relaxed way, so that you can begin to heal your relationship and enjoy your life together.

No wonder most couples don't solve their relationship problems, because...

Most couples therapy and other solutions don't progress past this basic first communication hurdle...

...when it's actually the most powerful key to keeping couples together and ultimately creating a happy relationship!

...Which is why most couples give up, saying: "It didn't work for us."

Are You Ready to See How I Help Couples In The Power Struggle Transform Their Relationship Into an Affectionate, Loving, Peaceful one?

Here's What You'll Discover...

  • That there's a whole entire level of 'How To Do Relationships' that 95% of couples don't know exists...

  • Why every couple on Earth should aspire to experience the Power Struggle – as long as you understand the simple steps to getting through it to Peace...

  • The special reason you're with your particular partner – the intelligence of this continues to surprise and amaze me...

  • Why you should avoid the kind of combative 'couples therapy' you see on TV like the plague, and the simple technique I use instead to add safety to all conversations...

  • And a whole ton more...

Just £4.99

This Book is a MUST READ for...

  • Couples who would like to heal their relationship but don't want to spend months or even years battling it out in conventional couples therapy

  • Couples looking to increase their ability to talk about difficult subjects

  • Couples who want to trade a relationship that feels stale, stagnant or cold – or too fiery and combative to sustain – for more relaxed, peaceful, joyful and fun experiences together

  • Couples who currently can't even imagine having sex with their partner again because the dynamic between them is too fraught

  • Couples who want to start improving their relationship in a few days while STILL fulfilling all of their work, parenting and other commitments

  • Individuals who think they might be in the Power Struggle but don't think their partner will be up for doing couples therapy

  • Anyone looking for a simple, more peaceful, and more fun way to improve their relationship by learning everything from the insights you'll gain from knowing the 4 Stages of Relationships, and a proven, practical method that only takes 10-15 minutes a day.

I have to recommend Shan. She taught us how to communicate so much better! She's a couples therapist who really knows her stuff and showed us how to do it ourselves. I'm seeing our relationship in a whole new light. Thanks Shan :)


London, UK

Shan was the second marriage counsellor we tried. We both really liked the Imago method that Shan introduced us to. It really makes a lot of sense and we finally began making real progress! Shan clearly draws from a wealth of professional and personal experience. We are truly grateful for her helping us through that period in our marriage.


London, UK

You go straight to the hard stuff. I'm seeing exactly how I've been showing up in my marriage. Why don't more couples know about this? It would save so much heartache!


Brisbane, Australia

Shan helped us get to the core of our issues quickly. She was kind and non-judgemental and made us feel at ease. I would definitely recommend her.


Brighton, UK

Ready To Get My Entire Process For Using One Communication Method To Reconnect With Your Partner?

The price of From Power Struggle To Peaceful Couple is a one-time payment of just £4.99.

Your digital copy of From Power Struggle To Peaceful Couple will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how I use one communication method to help couples reconnect faster and more predictably than any other method I’ve tried or tested.

Inside From Power Struggle To Peaceful Couple, you’ll get access to over 10+ years of experience, lessons, and insights from testing, tweaking, and fine-tuning how I help individuals grow through their relationship challenges.

Your purchase today also includes a couple of bonuses.

I know this seems like information overload, but I’ve done my best to organise From Power Struggle To Peaceful Couple so you’ll be able to immediately gain new insights that you can use straight away to increase the warmth and understanding between you…

To make sure you have everything needed to understand and implement From Power Struggle To Peaceful Couple on your own, I’m also including the 2 bonuses listed below at NO COST with your order today.

These bonus bits are designed to complement what you’ll learn inside From Power Struggle To Peaceful Couple.

Get your copy Right Now for Just £4.99 And Get These Bonuses For Free...

Bonus #1: Learn the Power Struggle To Peace Method Step-By-Step With My Prompts & Examples

Are you ready for the safest, most heart-warming conversation you'll ever have with your partner? You won't get there straight away – it takes practice! So I've included a script, a list of prompts and ideas to help you find what to say, and some examples that will give you everything you need to get started.

Bonus #2: Plot Your Relationship Course on the 4 Stages Map

The couples who transform their relationship the fastest are the ones who a) know where they're going and b) hit the ground running straight away. With this in mind, I'm offering a downloadable Relationship Map, so you can pinpoint exactly where your relationship is at now, where you want it to be (I'll give you some inspirational ideas), and plot your course to get there.

No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here's My Promise...

Shan Merchant 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s a simple promise:

Inside From Power Struggle to Peaceful Couple, and the 'Power Struggle to Peace' Method I inside, will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for ANY reason…

... just let my team know with a quick email to and I’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

This is a one-year money-back guarantee.

Get From Power Struggle To Peace + Bonuses

For Just £4.99

  • Your Digital Copy of From Power Struggle To Peace

  • A step-by-step script

  • A set of prompts to help you get started

  • Ideas to generate dozens of topics

  • Helpful examples

  • Your Relationship Map to pinpoint where you are, where you want to be, and what to do to get there.

Get Everything Above Today for

Just £4.99

You’ll receive the From Power Struggle To Peace digital book, the downloadable script, list of prompts and ideas, examples, 4 Stages of Relationships map, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

*I do not take on clients where there is any kind of emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse that has previously occurred or is occurring now. The advice given in my book is not intended for these types of situations.

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